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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Witch Watch: To be safe, don't give the evil eye a look-see

Witch Watch: To be safe, don't give the evil eye a look-see
from the Farmington Observer August 5, 1976

I'm very guilty of sitting on some of these Gundella articles and columns that I've had stored on my computer for months and months because they are old news to me. So I get bogged down in needing to find something new to excite me to post but finally reason has set in that finding stuff from her will be the exception and not the norm. 

As for the evil eye: of all the things that Gundella taught and witches, in general, believe in, this is one that I can't particularly take seriously. I suppose that it conceptually goes hand in hand with casting a spell or mind control but I'll be honest, if I saw somebody casting an evil eye towards me I'd probably burst out laughing. I'm not trying to make light of the subject and am sure that if a person is susceptible to such beliefs that it could do them harm both psychologically and mentally but in today's environment most people rarely make eye contact unless they have to and usually it's so impersonal that an evil stare would likely go unnoticed.  

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