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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1971 Press Photo Of Gundella from the Detroit News

press photo 4 1973 a

press photo 4 1973 b

I've posted this photo here before from the Wayne State archives of The Detroit News photo files but this time with the original date, source, photographer, location, subject, etc. The picture featuring Gundella and Deanna Kessler was taken at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial on April 22, 1971. Seeing as she was teaching a Witchcraft course at the Memorial Center that night it stands to reason that this was from that class and Ms. Kessler was one of her students. I don't know if Gundella is hypnotizing the girl or what but that hairdo and outfit of Deanna are quite brilliant.

And for biographical purposes and research the photographers name was Robinson and the reporters was Eckman. 

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Sundazed Music said...

Any chance you've had any luck finding Deanna? I'm currently trying to in hopes of using this photo in a Gundella related project. Any help would be appreciated.