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Friday, July 8, 2011

Witch carries on mother's work

Witch carries on mother's work 1997-05-08 RO
from the Redford Observer May 8, 1997

For some reason I had the misconception that "Gundella's Witch Ways and Wares" was open for a lot longer than the 2+ years that it actually was. Not that I ever patronized the establishment or even heard of it before stumbling into the knowledge that Gundella put out a vinyl lp -- which in turn got me interested in her life and hence this project-- but having read some of the tribute pages to Veronica concerning her untimely death and the love for the store, it seemed to have a following greater than its brief existence. 

As I've stated before, I'm an unqualified biographer seeing as I don't have a Wiccan bone in my body and am merely creating a repository for the great witch because she is deserving of one even if it is coming from a strange angle. Couple that with my very limited exposure to Veronica's life outside of her being Gundella's daughter and that she was murdered -- which is a subject that I feel very uneasy even mentioning even though it is part of the history -- I feel reticent to do more than casually observe her as being a part of her mother's legacy. However, that shouldn't be construed as a slight seeing as this is, after all, a blog about Gundella.

As with most articles concerning Gundella, this one is no different, there is the obligatory defense of witchcraft as a positive religion that is opposed to Satanism as well as the light-hearted approach that witches don't boil children or fly on broomsticks, as cool as that would be. Well, the latter half anyway. 

The best part of the article to me is the mention that Gundella used to motor from one side of the state to the other to practice her art and profession. For some reason I can just imagine her driving a large Oldsmobile slowly down the highway while taking in all the sites. Man, I wish I could have met the good lady considering that for 20 some years I was only a good 10 minute drive from her house. The fact that she seems like a fairy tale to me is what also endears her to me an obviously many others. 

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