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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Witch Watch: Halloween with Gundella

from the Canton Observer October 30, 1975
Halloween With Gundella; The canton Observer, October 30, 1975
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I don't know where my love of newspapers came from but after delivering them for the better part of ten years as a kid -- first helping my brother and then on my own -- it pretty much lost its appeal. Then I stumbled across Gundella by pure chance a few years back and in researching her and other topics I've become quite fond of looking through them. Obsessed is more like it. Especially the older ones. Scanning through the digital forms of website news just doesn't cut it for me and I will always bypass them in lieu of the actual hard copy. It just seems like mass information to me whereas the old text with its imperfections in ink signified something of importance which carried weight. That's why I can't ever see books being completely replaced by those god-awful electronic readers. It's too impersonal and throw-away to ever be more than a convenient extension of the real thing.

All right, now that little preamble is finally over with (Thank Gawd!) I'll get on with the article at hand. A special Halloween edition of Witch Watch complete with stories of both her seasonal work and witch duties. There's a succinct explanation of coven rituals on that sacred day for witches as well as lyrics for "The Sleeping Song" which brings the sabbat to a close.

My favorite story though is the one about her flying to Troy, Ohio. On a plane, of course, in grand style. Which isn't what I enjoyed about it but rather the fact that she actually traveled out of state to give so many workshops and also because I travel through Ohio twice a month en route to Nashville to visit my little witchy one. There's a good thrift store there right off 75 which I've found lots of records and books at when I've been lucky enough to be passing through during store hours.

Oh yeah... and the real excitement of this post is that Canton has finally put some Observer archives online and you can check out available issues back to 1974. You can click here to go through individual issues or do a Google search using canton + observer + pdf + Gundella (or anything else ) and see what they have. I suggest the latter method because it's way more convenient if you want quick results. Lastly, the Canton Observer seems to be a little artsy than the Farmington Observer archives but that could have just been my euphoria of discovering a new well-spring of Gundella.

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