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Friday, July 22, 2011

Witch Watch: Ghosts of presidents haunt White House

Witch Watch Ghosts of presidents haunt White House Canton Observer July 15, 1976
from the Canton Observer July 15, 1976

Ah- the value of having multiple sources to pick your finds from. Not only does the Canton paper seem to have clearer text (see the other raggedy monstrosity here) but more of it. That is, the Farmington Observer seemed to inexplicably cut the column out of the paper on a regular basis and sometimes for weeks on end. Which is frustrating when you are hindered by no search apparatus and single page loads that you have to click through instead of just scrolling down through a normal pdf document.

As for the ghost in the White House: they are nice anecdotes but I'm so jaded by the un-stately manner in which these sham politicos are selling out the office and country that I have a hard time being light-hearted about such levity. If anything it's probably a Bilderberger spectre stealing the rest of the living soul embers which are still alive in that dirty corporate district separated from the rest of the country.

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