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Monday, August 29, 2011

Witch Brings Pitch To Students

from the Sarasota Herald-Times November 7, 1972
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As strange as it may sound Gundella had a following in places outside the state of Michigan. I'm not sure if it was from word of mouth among the occult circles or through her friendships in the academic field but she worked many workshops in various states. One connection was through Marcello Truzzi, the noted Sociologist who spent many years at Eastern Michigan University, who was not only a personal friend of Marion but collaborated with her on an unpublished book. Also, the gossip columnist of the day for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune was Helen Griffith, who just happened to be a neighbor of Truzzi's while he was growing up in Florida, and became fond of Gundella herself. This article covers her beliefs on witchcraft and includes some of the spells and folk remedies she was known for. I am particularly fond of the dry toad blood for treating diabetes.

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