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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen Witch: Tasty food still unlocks the heart's secrets

from the Redford Observer, December 18, 1989
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"A Big Mac or a Whopper is not junk food, no matter what some health nut would have you believe." Haha. I love it! I've always disagreed with that sentiment that fast food will make you fat while eating at home is more nutritious for you. Especially if you're eating hamburgers and french fries at home! Somehow by not adding the special sauce eating home-cooked meals will magically make you lean and trim no matter what's on the menu. Of course that's not what the article is about but I thought it was a pertinent point by the witchy gastronome.

What it is about is enjoying your food no matter what it is you crave at the moment. Gundella's further contention is that to please your love you also have to satisfy his/her belly. Nowadays, in our instant society, I don't know if that is really relevant but back in the mid-70's it surely was. A man wanted a meal then and it had better not come from a box unless it was a take-out Friday fit for watching some Dallas on the tube. Otherwise it had to be homemade, on the table when he was coming in from the office or factory and the grubby offspring best be washed and ready to partake of a civilized meal.

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