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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thumb track: No word from Minnie Quay as protest confronts seance tour

Detroit Free Press, June 21, 1988 (enlarge)
As has been stated previously controversy followed Gundella across the state and back to the Detroit area. From protests at schools by church leaders and parents to the backlash over her seances in and around Forester, the home and resting place of Minnie Quay which this article covers.

Her Seance Tour included stops at the cemetery Minnie Quay is buried and a seance in Port Sanillac. Earlier tours included stops at the Forester Inn, which adjoined the barn where a seance was held, but the protests forced the owner, Bill Clugston, to only agree to cater their after party for fear of business losses and recriminations.

The 40 church member from Bad Axe carried crosses and Bibles and held a prayer meeting near where the Gundella contingency had gathered. Both groups crossed paths at nights end and claimed their endeavors a success. The church group was sure that Gundella would cease to use Forester as a tour destination but her obsession with the forlorn teen suggested otherwise. I believe that the latter scenario won out though I'll have to compare dates to confirm as much.

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