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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Witch Watch: STARS: Signs of life, not the devil's own work

Redford Observer, September 18, 1975 (enlarge)
After failing to locate Witch Watch articles for half of July I moved on to August and September of that same year. I'm not sure if there was some sort of protest and the column was halted or if she was merely on vacation but I'm moving on because I'm weary of searching through pages and finding nothing.

In this edition a reader who had heard Gundella on WDRQ radio wrote in to ask about pentagrams and their relationship to the Devil.

If you needed a quick primer on pentagrams, and I apparently do, here it is. The five-pointed star represents the body with arms and legs outstretched. Arms crossed over represents death and is oft presented with the skull and cross bones. The pentagram itself is not Satanic but when inverted it serves as a symbol for many Satanists.

The six-sided star represents our dual spiritual and physical natures. They overlap each other to symbolize the equal nature of each.

After the history lesson Gundella delved into her own personal interactions with the cosmos stating that her favorite place to star gaze was Port Sanilac. Which makes sense since it's near Forester, Michigan where Minnie Quay's tragic life and death played out.

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