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Friday, November 24, 2017

Witch Watch: Ghost came with the furniture

Redford Observer, January 15, 1981 (enlarge)
I'm going out of order of my previous declaration to finish off the Witch Watch articles from 1975 but since I've been working so much lately it's a wonder that I'm posting at all. This is the first column from 1981 that I've come across and is a pretty good story of a haunting.

Donna and her friend Gerri were co-workers and roommates in Southfield in the late 1970s. They furnished their apartment with ornate furniture that they bought from the classifieds along with some jewelry in a strange box. The apartment gave off a weird vibe, the cat didn't like it there and there were strange banging, scratching and crying sounds. Both women had experiences with a female apparition that mournfully opened the jewelry box and held one of the purchased necklaces.

During a week of violent thunderstorms both women experienced noises in the living room where they slept during a power outage. The next morning the trunk they had purchased was flung open and its contents scattered about the room. They decided to consult a Ouija board to see if they could communicate with and assuage the ghost. Hopefully there is a follow-up to this.

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