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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Want Love? This Witch's Potion May Help

Akron Beacon Journal, April 9, 1972
This article from the Akron Beacon Journal details a Free Press Action Line column which gave out Gundella's address with the intent of having readers write her for a spell.

A Flint high school cheerleader named Cathy Paradis asked for a spell to help her team win an important game and Gundella replied with a gift packet containing all the necessary things for their success. Unfortunately, the spell wasn't followed properly and her team lost.

Others generally asked for love spells with the second most popular request being for money spells. Her friend Marcello Truzzi studied these correspondence requests and they are part of his collected papers at Eastern Michigan University.

Spells for both money and love are included at the end of the article.

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