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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Gundella at the Free Church Cemetery

This photo of Gundella was shot on October 27, 1971 by a Detroit News photographer named Ransom. The notes written on the back say that Sally the cat is supposedly in this picture as well although I don't see her. They also state that it was taken at a cemetery on Ford Road in Wash. Ct. (Washtenaw County) that is over a hundreds years old.

By that description alone I guessed that it was the Free Church Cemetery in Superior Township since it matched the description best. Others have mistakenly stated that the cemetery was William Ganong Cemetery in Westland but it's clearly not. So I made a trip there and documented that it is indeed the Free Church Cemetery. The tombstone of Wesley E. Filkins at front matches as do the stubs of former stones shown in front of her.

this is an update to my original post from March 9, 2011

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