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Friday, August 16, 2019

The Many Lives of a Press Photo

Detroit Free Press, October 20, 1973 (enlarge)
Press photos have many lives as stock filler. This 1973 photo of Gundella sitting on a large stone in an unidentified park (I would guess Hines since she lived nearby) while holding a broom had a lifespan of at least 18 years. It was first used as a main photo for a 1973 article about the Detroit Children's Book Fair, which Gundella appeared at, and a 1991 Neal Shine article concerning selling a house or two. In the second story a woman who was attempting to sell her home enlisted Gundella to provide a spell, Which she did in the form of an effigy of said house in the form of a homemade candle. When the candle was crudely constructed it was to be burned every night at 7 PM for 21 minutes. When the candle burned out and would no longer light the house would sell. Sure as promised the candle burned out one evening and the very next day the house sold or so the story goes.

Detroit Free Press, March 31, 1991 (enlarge)

 I originally posted this press photo on June 15, 2002.

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