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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Gundella Letters #566

Eastern Michigan University was fortunate enough to have renown sociologist Marcello Truzzi on their staff and when he died his papers were donated to the institution. Among those were many letters to Gundella the Witch (aka Marion Kuclo, a personal friend of Truzzi that he helped come to both local and national prominence), both for her Witch Watch column and personal correspondences asking for spells, that Truzzi was using for a study. Hundreds of letters, in fact. Fortunately for me I have a co-worker who goes to school there and was willing to grab me some photos of a few of the letters. Originally, I had wanted them scanned but seeing the photos that she sent makes me realize that they are better seen as is.

Here is letter #566 from Pat (and Joe Casimiro) asking for a spell to bring her husband a job lest they leave Michigan. It is dated March 20, 1972.

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