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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Burying Sir Graves Ghastly

Detroit Free Press, October 13, 1972
In the days before political correctness people could do outrageous things for a good cause. In this case it was the burial of Detroit horror legend Sir Graves Ghastly to benefit the American Cancer Society via their Black Cat Caper fundraiser at Cobo Hall. I would venture to guess that guests even openly smoked at the function.

Guests included Dick Purtan, Jack LeGoff, Conrad Patrick, Bob Allison, Bill Lucas, Bob Talbert, who also wrote this column, and Bill Kennedy, who served as the pallbearers for the mock funeral.

Other attendees, Marc Avery, Ted Russell, Diane Steinberg, Rita Bell, Martha Jean the Queen, Hall the Youngblood and, of course, Gundella the Witch.

The full column is below:


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