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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Witch Watch: Druidism is not same as witchcraft

Redford Observer, October 2, 1980 (enlarge)
Druidism and love potions. Since, as Gundella says, not much is known of the Druids outside of depictions of human sacrifice from Julius Ceasar's accounts of them―albeit much has likely changed in the 40 years since this was written―I'll simply gloss over the topic. But love potions are another matter. Although Gundella frequently gave out the potions they almost seem to contradict her belief in the power of karma. I mean, if you're injecting something into somebody's food-stuffs that's sort of a karmic event, right? It also may be of legal consequences as well if something gets spoiled in the rendering. Thus, her advice here concerning eggs and fruit seems very non-sage-like.

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