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Friday, August 13, 2021

Witch Watch: Friday the 13th unlucky? Not for this fine couple

Redford Observer, October 12, 1978
Since it is Friday the 13th and I wore my Gundella t-shirt to my colonoscopy for good luck and am still feeling the effects of Propofol (Which made me dream about Henry Ward and the family clan, though I remember almost nothing of it because it literally felt like I was out for 2 seconds though it was likely 15-25 minutes.) here's an article on the matter.

Gundella thought nothing of the day and believed that its mystique was built upon a combination of tragic Biblical events and ancient Christian superstition which gave the day it's bad name. Most of the rest of the mentions of the unlucky aspects of 13 pointed out are the common stock variety and offer nothing really new. 

Of note, and as the title alludes to, there is also a mention of a local Garden City couple, Billy and Shirley Mahs, who were engaged on Friday the 13th, married on a Friday the 13th and celebrated their 13th anniversary on one. 

Then Gundella goes into a further explanation of her weight, which she often talked about openly without shame, and finished a thought from a previous column which was apparently cut off. I'll dig that article up eventually.

Lastly, there is the mention of her astrological twin that she had previously written about earlier in 1978 and will post it next.

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