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Friday, October 1, 2010

Friendly Witch Advises: 'Cast Your Own Spells'

Lydamie & Gundella
from the Farmington Observer October 30, 1971

From both appearance and a philosophical standpoint it seems that Gundella and her daughter were almost shadows of each other. Of course that's a long leap in logic to assume such a thing but it makes sense just the same. When I first came across the articles I thought it was Gundella herself pictured but as a young girl. After reading the article I came away with the sense that she listened well to her mother's witchcraft philosophy.

As for the Gundella Wonderland Mall cancellation: I'm not sure if this was a regular reaction by some groups but it appears that she wasn't always welcomed at events even around Halloween and billed as a Good Witch.

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