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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A lucky day (not): But Friday the 13th need not be scary

Redford Observer, December 12, 1991 (enlarge)
Seeing as there are no Friday the 13th's in the near future I figured that now was as good a time as any to post this article on the subject. For a witch Gundella was often times very level-headed on the subject of magic, the paranormal and the other dark arts. Not that she shouldn't have been because she was a witch but I think that when most people conjure up a witch, a ghost hunter or somebody dealing in alternative realities they expect to find some crazy-eyed person delivering wild screeds and beheading sheep in their garage. That wasn't her and the resulting one-liners dealing with such subjects are more clinical than they are mystical: "If you think you're going to have an unlucky day, you're probably going to have an unlucky day."

The fact that her mother, brother and first grandchild were born on a Friday the 13th probably helped her along a more reasonable philosophical path than would be expected on such a subject and that's most likely due to her teaching background more than anything else.

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