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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kitchen Witch: Long drives allow taste tests in small eateries of country

 from the Redford Observer January 1, 1990

I'm guilty of being one of those straight through only stopping to go to the bathroom, gassing up and eating (fast food! I never stop at a sit down restaurant) kind of drivers. Not that I'm opposed to sitting down to eat somewhere and having a good meal but when I'm driving long distance the last thing I want to do is get out of my rhythm. I'm one of those fall asleep on a dime type of people as well and nothing triggers a nap more than indulging on food! Plus I'm always on a tight schedule so trying something such as Gundella suggests here is unlikely although it does sound like fun if you can afford both a long and leisurely trip. Not many of us can these days but it does sound very enticing to say the least.

Obviously, part of the article at the bottom is illegible but I'll try to track down this exact column in another city's edition but that's very tricky as none seem to publish anything remotely close to the same paper on any given publication date. As for the blotted out recipe portion, I think it read 2 cups of flour but I can't be certain so use with caution!

Oh yeah, and what's with the turkey burger recipe not including any turkey?!?! Haha. Must be a Michigan thing that I've not come across in my years here.

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