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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spooky Scary Witchy


I'm glad that Google notifies me every time there is a new entry for Gundella on one of their tracked pages so that I don't have to do searches every few weeks! This is another one that slipped by their radar. In fact, I think they have only sent me 3 or 4 notifications and each time I opened the e-mail with great anticipation merely to find one of my own posts! No use complaining when I double-check anyway, is there?

So I found the above blog with a picture of the good witch that I've never seen before along with a short remembrance. The writer recalls that after Gundella would give a reading (I'm guessing a tarot session) she would then drip candle wax into a bowl of water and decipher the messages in the congealed globules of tallow.

I don't know if this is Marion's house, the author's or whose but the good witch looks very peaceful and relaxed there. She also looks less the part of a celebrity witch than that of a young grandmother. There must be a ton of these sort of personalized photographs of her out there. I definitely want to see more!



Unknown said...

How do you know Gundella? It would have been nice if you asked if you could use my post on your blog. Actually I have this reading on a tape, this was the first time I met her.

the said...

Actually, I never knew her and only became interested in her through my record blog and her recording "Hour of the Witch".

Sorry if I offended you by re-posting your post but it's a commonplace practice in the blogosophere. If you want me to remove it I will but I meant no harm by it.

As for the tape: I would love to hear the reading itself!

Unknown said...

I guess you don't have to remove it, but just saying this is my own personal photo and my own words not a copy of something I read and posted. You should ask permission when its the bloggers personal property.
Anyway as for that particular tape I don't know where it is right now. Funny being a sensitive you'd think I could zap it up just like that!
What do you mean you became interested in her thru your record blog? What do you blog about?

the said...

Well, if you ever find the tape and can transfer it to a wav file or mp3 I'd love to hear it.

My record blog is It's a collection of obscure vinyl recordings that I have been posting daily for almost two years. It's through the obscure record blog that I came across Gundella's record.