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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spooky Talk

Spooky Talk

I just happened across a local Detroit weekly radio show called Spooky Talk which is hosted by Dearborn resident Clyde Brown on 1310 WDTW and airs at noon on Saturdays. I found it through an Ask Jeeves search via a hit on this blog and of course I had to investigate. The show, as its title suggests, is about all things spooky. The segment on the November 6th show featured a caller who touched on the topic of Gundella. The host seemingly had never heard of her and the caller gave a fair picture of her though with a few glaring inaccuracies such as she lived in Warren and that she put out a record with Motown. Haha. I wish he would have also misinformed the audience that it was a soul album because that would be pretty funny. Oh yeah, he also called her "GON-della" but that could just be the prototypical Michigan affect which we are renown for (think pellow for pillow). Anyway, you can listen to it here and if you don't feel like listening to the entire broadcast just skip to 25 minutes in. It only lasts about a minute so it won't take up your whole afternoon.

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