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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Symphony poses 'Scary-Moments'

from the Redford Observer October 4, 1990
Symphony poses "Scary-Moments"
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Here's the itinerary for the previously mentioned 1990 Livonia Symphony season opener from 1990 called "Scary Moments of Halloween" which featured a special reading of seasonal poems by Gundella. The poems "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes and "A Witch's Flight" are both unknown to me but obviously have Halloween-esque connotations.

You can read the full text of the "The Highwayman" here and listen to an old audio reading here. There are several other clearer sounding renditions of the poem on YouTube but the old scratchy phonograph recordings always make things sound more old and life-like to me, as if they were out of a scary dream. "A Witch's Flight" still remains unknown to me as I couldn't find anything on it on Google except for in feminism literature, which I doubt was part of her reading for this particular audience.

Apparently I wasn't wrong about my supposition that she had turned to interactive mystery plays in the latter years of her life as she wound down her career as a public performance witch. Also, the spells that I posted way back and that were questionably attributed to a Time-Life series book which Gundella supposedly had consulted on according to the webpage that I found them on, were indeed from that series! Nice gig, eh? Yeah, I'll definitely have to find that old book lying around at a library. Of course, it'll likely be the rare book in the series knowing the research hard luck I seem to have.

Lastly, the article was cut and pasted together since the picture of Gundella was at the top of the page and away from the appropriate article it should have appeared with. I took the liberty of time-traveling back and correcting their typographical mistake.

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