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Monday, February 21, 2011

1973 Press Photo at the Wyandotte Public Library from the Detroit News

press photo 1 1973

Gundella Press Photo from Wyandotte Library 1973

I lucked upon a group of Gundella photos for sale on eBay recently and captured the images though I didn't buy the actual prints (they are still available I think!). They are all press photos from the Detroit News in the early 1970s with this one dated August 10, 1973. Lawrence seems to be the last name on the photograph though no first name is mentioned. It was taken at the Wyandotte Public Library in Wyandotte,Michigan and seems to have been a children's event though I can't tell what Gundella is showing or demonstrating to the young lady. It apparently went with a story done by a reporter named Bullard though no first name is mentioned once again. Yes, I know you can easily read all of this off the print but I'm merely making as much information available so that a Google search will bring more visitors in and possibly more personally owned material or information.

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