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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Which witch is which?

Canton Observer, March 20, 1975
While Witch Watch was a popular column in 1975 when it first appeared Maureen Maier of Farmington wasn't buying into any of the hype. In a letter to the editor she quoted anti-occultism scripture and stated that everything in the original article was the antithesis of what the Christian and Jewish faiths teach. Further more,  she would "not allow Satan to take a foothold" in her home.

As the editor succinctly points out in his rebuttal, Gundella was not a Satanist and all of her beliefs expressed in the column would not oppose mainstream religious tenets. In the strictest sense of the word I doubt this was true or that many "believers" bought into that line of thinking despite her non-confrontational nature.

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