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Friday, September 18, 2015

Witch Dolls Brought Good Luck and Fortune

Canton Observer & Eccentric, July 27, 1978
While the modern kitchen witch is a sterile, mass-produced poppet that hangs in a kitchen for good-luck, the dolls from the pre-Christian era were handmade folk art constructed of fruits, vegetables and sheep wool. Of course, the times were rooted in faith and superstition and people were dependent on the land and these dolls were sacred emblems of their livelihood.

The editor must have been the drunk the day this article was typeset because there are several spelling errors in the text. But the passage posted in the article encapsules the kitchen witch's sentiment:

"...the larder will always be stocked;
the bread and cakes will always rise;
the stew will never burn;
and the pot will not boil dry..."

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