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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brochure for Gundella's 13 Hour Ghostly Tour

Gundella Ghostly Tours Brochure
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13 Hour Ghostly Tours Brochure front
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The last of the donated items from Judy K. I think. I thought that before too and then found that I never posted this. Anyway, I did post a registration sheet form and this appears to be the companion brochure from the late 1980s. I would have almost guessed that it was from the early 1990s because she seems less robust than in her earlier days due to fact that she was stricken with cancer a few years before her death and lost a lot of weight. Then again I haven't seen many photographs of her from the 80s so maybe some of her weight loss came before then. I hate discussing her size because it seems trite and only mention it because she looks significantly smaller than many other photos I have come across from her more notable appearances. On to the brochure.

I know that I posted the itinerary somewhere else in the blog but don't recall it being as Minnie Quay centric. Maybe memory fails me since she was well-known to be highly-fascinated by the tragic young lady and had even written a large manuscript to the book which was never completed. In one of her lengthy obituaries from the Observer there was mention that her family planned to see the book to completion using her notes but apparently that never transpired. However, I do recall the Forester mentions so obviously it was a tour based upon seeing Ms. Quay's ghost and possibly communicating with her via séance.

If you are not familiar with Minnie Quay's story read this. There have also been songs written about her and one even recorded by Jory Brown:

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