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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Coven, The Queen and the Witch Dyed Green

Minneapolis Tribune, October 31, 1975
Having such an exquisite title belies the fact that this post is going to be very brief and uninformative. Mainly because I have no other information on the program The Coven, the Queen and the Witch Dyed Green which aired in Minneapolis on Friday, October 31, 1975 and a few days prior in the Detroit area. I gave the nod to the Minnesota program because I uncovered it first and due to the fact that the Detroit listing added nothing to the conversation.

As for Lady Sheba: I have not looked into her but I'm assuming that since she was from Florida that Marcello Truzzi had something to do with their coming together. Hopefully this program pops up on YouTube at some point and provides some interesting video of the witches doing what they do.

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