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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Witch Watch: Grandma Thornton's valentine forecasted landing on moon

Redford Observer, May 15, 1975 (enlarge)
When I saw the name Grandma Thornton I fretted that she was some mystic that I needed to research in depth so as to not sound more ignorant on witchcraft than I already do. Luckily, she was just Marion's actual grandmother. Though majestic she may have been--she used to make fairy butter for birthdays so she must have been pretty damn majestic--she is not an historical figure outside of having appeared in her granddaughter's newspaper column.

This column delves into the essence of our ubiquitous moon. Grandma Thornton believed in the power of the moon and wanted to visit it herself. She gave Gundella a Valentine from 1935 which featured a crescent with two people climbing up to touch its horns. It was her long held belief that man would someday visit it.

Whether waxing or waning, inspiring love or magic, it is a mysterious thing. Personally, I think it is hollow and holds the power to subjugate a la David Icke but I'm crazy as bat guano.

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