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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Witch Watch: Avoid turtle dove entrapment to get lover, advises Gundella

Redford Observer, May 1, 1975 (enlarge)
Gundella shoots down all sorts of malarkey in this edition of WW. One woman confused a spell for a turtle or a dove and asked the witchy one whether she should put the tongue of either in her mouth when she kisses a potential suitor to ensure everlasting love. Gundella told her that there was a spell for neither and that the proper one, for a turtle dove's tongue, would be so repulsive to any man that he would never kiss her again. She suggested using the hair-of-the-head spell and a Certs. Good advice.

Another woman named Margaret wrote to Gundella asking what sort of magic she could conjure with her lover's dirty socks. Wash them, suggested the good witch. More good advice.

A third lady, Ann G., asked for a spell to rid her of a suitor. To which Gundella advised all spell casters to know what they really wanted before asking for eternal devotion from another. A Rubber Egg Spell to break the will of a pursuer was given:


Soak a raw egg from a black hen in vinegar for 36 hours, then remove it from the vinegar. Wash it in water from a mountain spring. The shell will rub off, leaving a brown, rubber-like egg.

Name this egg with the name of the person you wish to discourage, place it in a small jar of water and carry it with you for three days.

Then remove it from the the water and say, "Billy (or whatever the name of the person is), I am tired of having you with me."

Hold the egg two inches from the table top and drop it lightly. It will bounce. Say "Don't bounce back."

Roll it across the floor, saying, "Don't roll with the punches. I have tired of you."

Go to the door and throw this egg out as far from you as you can, making sure it doesn't bounce back on your property. He will bother you no more.

Finally, John L. wrote to ask if Gundella practiced white or black magic. To which she responded that neither existed as good or bad and the deed depended on the witch's intent, similar to a knife in the wrong or right hand.

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