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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Witch Watch: Just like colors: Fragrances can affect emotions

Redford Observer, April 17, 1975 (enlarge)
I'm way out of my league with this column since I'm both colorblind and have a strong aversion to scents because they used to cause me terrible migraines. Still, I found the practice of putting scented oils on light bulbs and allowing the electricity to warm the fragrance quite interesting. I figured that something like that would cause a fire or at least smoke. Shows how much I know.

Luckily, archiving and collecting newsprint and ephemera is my specialty and this concludes the first two months of Gundella's weekly Thursday Witch Watch columns. Although I suspect that there were special occasions when they were printed on Mondays. And for those who are searching out her columns on your own the articles generally appeared on page 11A. Of course, her column was usually noted on the contents page though that wasn't always the case either. On to May, 1975.

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