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Gund Vinegar Works Farmington Observer October 9, 1975 9 (2)


Ghosts affect earthly bodies; Canton Observer, March 13, 1975

How to best use the teas, herbs that heal; Canton Observer, March 20, 1975

An intelligent witch says: Casting spells works; Redford Observer, March 27, 1975

A spell to save a marriageRedford Observer, April 3, 1975

Subconscious often writes mysterious messages; Redford Observer, April 10, 1975

Just like colors: Fragrances can affect emotions; Redford Observer, April 17, 1975

There's an herb or root for love, luck or lucre; Canton Observer, April 24, 1975

Avoid turtle dove entrapment to get lover, advises Gundella; Redford Observer, May 1, 1975

Dandelions valuable for more than wineFarmington Observer, May 8, 1975

Grandma Thornton's valentine forecasted landing on moon; Redford Observer, May 15, 1975

Revelations in dreams has biblical significance; Redford Observer, May 22, 1975

Tips on how to interpret dreams; Canton Observer, May 29, 1975

Wedded bliss: Folklore is a sure way to the altar; Redford Observer, June 5, 1975

SPIDERS: creepy, crawly and lucky!; Redford Observer, June 12, 1975

Lay aside summer's work for Midsummer festival; Redford Observer, June 19, 1975

Truth and myth blend in tarot; Canton Observer, June 26, 1975

Can witch break romance?; Canton Observer, July 7, 1975

Water witches successfulCanton Observer, July 10, 1975

Cats bring both good, evil according to superstitions; Redford Observer, July 21, 1975

Red, blue or green--witches practice openly; Redford Observer, July 31, 1975

Tarot's Fool card represents journey of life; Redford Observer, August 7, 1975

Seances can be tricky; Redford Observer, August 14, 1975

Tempt your honey with love apples; Redford Observer, August 28, 1975

Try wax doll on drinker; Farmington Observer, September 11, 1975

STARS: Signs of life, not the devil's own work; Redford Observer, September 18, 1975

Vinegar works as a folk remedy; Farmington Observer, October 9, 1975

'Square' makes a heroFarmington Observer, October 16, 1975

Love spells are hazardous if they are cast lightlyFarmington Observer, October 23, 1975

Halloween with GundellaCanton Observer, October 30, 1975

Tarot cards hold worthy lessonFarmington Observer, October 30, 1975

Witches use archaic code; Canton Observer, November 6, 1975

Witch's recipe book is her magic speller; Redford Observer, November 20, 1975

Wishing can make things happen; Canton Observer, December 4, 1975

Yule traditions pre-date Christ; Farmington Observer, December 18, 1975

A 'golden apple' a day brings lovers your wayCanton Observer, December 25, 1975


'First footer' brings good luckRedford Observer, January 1, 1976

A pinch of salt well placed banishes evil and brings luck; Redford Observer, January 8, 1976

Nursery rhyme: only for kids?; Redford Observer, January 15, 1976

Want to converse with witches? Here are Gundella's 'witch words'Canton Observer, January 22, 1976

Witch's talk: cartomancy, doppleganger, elf fire, EsbatCanton Observer, January 29, 1976

Which witch words mean what?Canton Observer, February 5, 1976

Mind's power can fixed stopped watchesCanton Observer, February 12, 1976

If you will it, you can move thingsCanton Observer, February 19, 1976

Water in Tarot symbolizes lifeCanton Observer, February 26, 1976

Willows are signs of joy and sadnessCanton Observer, April 8, 1976

Sweep out your broom superstitionsCanton Observer, April 22, 1976

Candles reflect many meaningsCanton Observer, April 29, 1976

Father of country dreamed of the futureCanton Observer, July 8, 1976

Ghosts of presidents haunt White HouseCanton Observer, July 15, 1976

Your ears ringing? You're the topic of talkFarmington Observer, July 22, 1976

Achoo! - A sneeze needn't mean disease; Farmington Observer, July 29, 1976

To be safe, don't give the evil eye the look-seeFarmington Observer, August 5, 1976

Evil deeds can have a boomerang effect; Farmington Observer, August 12, 1976

Flowery phrases help win lady love; Farmington Observer, October 14, 1976

Name numbers explained; Farmington Observer, November 11, 1976

Numerology and names; Farmington Observer, November 4, 1976


TLC best cure for common coldFarmington Observer, January 7, 1977

Reincarnation is old hatFarmington Observer, February 7, 1977

Old tales meaningfulFarmington Observer, March 3, 1977

Dracula was a nasty fellow; Redford Observer, August 18, 1977

Ghosts liven up any party; Canton Observer, September 22, 1977

Spells can't change a snake's characterCanton Observer, November 10, 1977

Scented gifts please, aid sleep and dreams; Canton Observer, December 8, 1977


Beware of hucksters in witches' clothing; Canton Observer, January 26, 1978

What makes spell work? First you project idea
Canton Observer, March 9, 1978

Witches have 4 elements--just like philosophers; Canton Observer, March 23, 1978

How to find hypnotist who isn't a charlatanFarmington Observer, March 30, 1978

Witch dolls brought good luck and fortuneCanton Observer, July 27, 1978

Witch Watch: Friday the 13th unlucky? Not for this fine couple; Redford Observer, October 12, 1978 

Are healers in fiction just unidentified witches?; Redford Observer, October 26, 1978

Are healers in fiction just unidentified witches?Farmington Observer, November 2, 1978


It's a new year, time to look at the calendarCanton Observer, January 4, 1979

How about a year of twelve equal months?Canton Observer, January 11, 1979

Folk medicine buried many of its mistakes; Canton Observer, April 26, 1979

Could you adjust in a future life?Canton Observer, May 24, 1979

Music is essential to churces, magic; Redford Observer, June 28, 1979

Love spell worked; she wants another; Canton Observer, July 26, 1979

Fate reunites former sweetheartsCanton Observer, October 11, 1979

Tea leaves have symbolic meaningsFarmington Observer, October 22, 1979

A 4 a.m. visit -- but who's the ghost?Farmington Observer, October 25, 1979

When marriage ends, is it a failure?Farmington Observer, November 1, 1979

Snails in legend and on the plate; Canton Observer, November 15, 1979


Pick your lunch partnerFarmington Observer, January 3, 1980

You can become "honest" hypnotistFarmington Observer, January 24, 1980

Who's the spirit?Canton Observer, January 31, 1980

In dream, she has an ill-fitting coatFarmington Observer, March 3, 1980

Why mutilate a beautiful body?Farmington Observer, March 10, 1980

For warts, bury a dishragFarmington Observer, April 10, 1980

Personalities based on old '4 elements'Farmington Observer, April 20, 1980

Exorcism can bless as well as expel evil; Westland Observer, May 22, 1980

Here are books on reincarnationRedford Observer, July 31, 1980

Druidism is not same as witchcraft; Redford Observer, October 2, 1980

Halloween lore all can be explained; Redford Observer, October 23, 1980 

For witches, Oct. 31 is soul-searching time; Redford Observer, October 30, 1980

Superstitions persist regarding pregnancyRedford Observer, November 13, 1980

No familiars in Gundella's home; Redford Observer, December 4, 1980


Ghost came with the furniture; Redford Observer, January 15, 1981

Gundella provides superstitions galore; Redford Observer, December 31, 1981 


Warm fireplace drinks can ward off the chills; Redford Observer, January 28, 1982

The best-laid plans can quickly change; Redford Observer, August 19, 1982