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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Halloween Witches' Brew: Taste It At Your Own Risk

Tampa Bay Times, October 31, 1972 (enlarge)
This is a great article by Judy Sedgeman which starts out as a brief review of Gundella's "The Hour of the Witch" vinyl record and then delves into Marcello Truzzi's occult studies at New College. Truzzi stated that there wasn't a single paranormal occurrence that had made a believer out of him. In fact, he became more skeptical the deeper he dug but it didn't deter further investigation into the phenomenon, calling it a means for the powerless to gain strength.

He takes jabs at Edgar Cayce's record as a prophet--which he claims was dismal--and says that most occultist groups are both phony and exclusionary to avoid public scrutiny and some involve oaths to guard their secrets. He states that even Gundella's coven disagreed with her public persona and frowned on her activities but since she didn't betray the secrets of her religion she remained in good standing. Which almost makes it seem that he suggests that she was hiding something just in a noble way. That point being the bone of contention for most clergy and religionists that picketed her events.

He was also friends with Anton LaVey whom Gundella later became acquainted with and had as a visitor at her home. Truzzi speaks of the Satanist commanding a modelling fee for every interview he did as a normal capitalist endeavor though both he and Gundella seemed to think that was his main interest in the occult. The more that I read into it I can't help but to believe that they, too, also had similar motivations.


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