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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Witch Watch: Nursery rhyme: only for kids?

Redford Observer, January 15, 1976 (enlarge)
As I haphazardly amble through the maze of articles from 1976 we finish off the remaining missing January Witch Watch column. Which makes no sense as I should be concentrating on 1975 instead, from the first to the last of that year, then proceed to 1976. I will do after posting this one.

I've also rearranged the Witch Watch page so that the article listings are in order by the date published. Which seems obvious now that I have done it so that anybody reading can see the progression in topics from the beginning to the end of her career.

As for the presently posted column, it's on nursery rhymes and proved to be quite interesting. Mostly because, as the title suggests, most were not written for children. Many had darker meanings and some even pertained to witchcraft. The following incantation is one such example:

Come butter, come;
Come, butter, come
Peter stands at the gate,
Waiting for a buttered cake
Come, butter, come.

though I much prefer this one:

Oh, Pearlin Jean,
Oh, Pearlin Jean,
She haunts the house,
She haunts the green;
And glowers at me
With her wid-cat een.

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