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Monday, November 6, 2017

Spirit keeps things lively in Forester

The Times Herald, April 9, 1990
This is an update on a previous story where Gundella was protested before a seance for Minnie Quay in Forester, Michigan in 1988. Tee seance never happened because 40 member of the Faith Gospel Tabernacle in Bad Axe led by Rev. James Willett blocked their access to Quay's grave by circling it.

Gundella had been contacted by Bill Clugston, owner of the Forester Inn, about conducting a ghost tour in the town which would end with a dinner at his establishment. She agreed and the events, which included sight seeing of old building between Detroit and Forester, a horse drawn carriage ride in the woods, meals and a seance, went off as planned until the protest thwarted the spirit session.

A few days later Gundella arrived with two more busloads of ghost seekers. This time they were met with a circus atmosphere that included people lined along both sides of the highway in parade spectator fashion to see the clash of the protesters and Gundella's brood. The church members carried crosses and marched down the road and later took over the inn to block the witch's planned festivities.

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