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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Witch Watch: Cats bring both good, evil according to superstitions

Redford Observer, July 21, 1975
The superstitions of man and beast are many. Those of cats abound to excess. Cats have been feared and beloved from Biblical to modern times. In ancient Egypt, Bast the cat-headed goddess was worshiped and killing a cat was punishable by death. Conversely, the Christian Church in the late Middle Ages saw the cat as a purveyor of evil. They were attacked and killed on the belief that they could turn into witches. Like the witches many were burned and buried alive. That ill-sentiment must have persisted for many centuries as they are not once mentioned in the Bible.

But let's not get mired in human history and delve right into his superstitions towards the cat. Most of these I have never heard of because I'm only a descendant of insane English and Polish people and not a practicing kook.

1. The first person a cat looks at after it sneezes is soon to be kissed.
2. When a cat washes by licking its paw and rubbing behind its ear it means company is coming.
3. Sailors used to take cats aboard ship because they believed a cat placed on deck under a large pot could raise a wind. But to throw a cat overboard was a dangerous thing, for this could cause an unholy storm.
4. Actors believed the presence of a cat insures success for their show.
5. Kicking a cat causes the worst possible bad luck.

Gundella, at the time of this article, had a cat named Sally which noted to be fat, friendly, funny and sometimes foolish. Sounds a bit like all of us at times.

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