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Friday, January 14, 2011

Witch Watch: Flowery phrases help win lady love

from the Farmington Observer October 14, 1976
Witch Watch
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Gundella said many times that she could get any man to desire her if she chose to and it wasn't because of her sex appeal (she was mocking herself) but rather through body language and attentiveness to that person. That's what she's saying here as well if you can actually read the muddy lettering of the scanned article. It's not so much what you do for your loved ones but your intent and effort. Of course it also doesn't hurt to learn a few French words, splash in some poetry and flatter her with personal affects which equate to nature that serve to enhance her beauty. I guess you could call it fluff, romance or salesmanship but if you wish to keep what you have burning bright you better do something or another bewitching figure might just do it in your stead!

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