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Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch Farmington Observer October 29, 1990


Blessings flow from being understanding; Canton Observer, November 23, 1987


Use woodruff for wine; Farmington Observer, May 30, 1988

Woo the one you with fruit, vegetables; Canton Observer, August 15, 1988


Brunches add spark to romantic holiday; Canton Observer, December 19, 1988

Tasty food still unlocks the heart's secrets; Redford Observer, December 18, 1989


Blueberry season is short but sweet; Canton Observer, July 30, 1990

Grab some sunshine, give a Florida party; Redford Observer, January 8, 1990

Homegrown veggies are special; Redford Observer, October 1, 1990

Long drives allow taste tests in small eateries of country; Redford Observer, January 1, 1990

Magic associated with egg through history; Redford Observer, September 17, 1990

Mardi Gras is a time to feast; Redford Observer, February 19, 1990

Scary night: Party stuff inside a shell; Farmington Observer, October 29, 1990

Use herbs, veggies to brighten your love life; Farmington Observer, May 21, 1990


A menu for Valentine's Day; Redford Observer, February 11, 1991

Don't run to the store, substitute; Redford Observer, September 2, 1991

Enjoy soup-and-sandwich picnic; Redford Observer, April 1, 1991

Food in Mexico -- it's not necessarily hot; Redford Observer, July 8, 1991

It's time for hot, hearty meals; Redford Observer, February 18, 1991

Legends surround the fish; Redford Observer, March 11, 1991

Rediscovering pleasures of bread baking; Redford Observer, January 14, 1991

Taffy pull; Farmington Observer, October 14, 1991

Treat friends to marvelous holiday beverages; Redford Observer, December 30, 1991

Trick or Treat: Serve up apples and a slice of the future; Farmington Observer, October 28, 1991


Celebrate April Fools' Day with mock foods; Redford Observer, March 30, 1992