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Whatever Happened To All Those Discarded Ashtrays? by Helen Griffith; Sarasota Herald-Tribune, November 30, 1969


'I'm A Witch' Says Happy Mother of 4 by Tim Richard; Farmington Observer, February 11, 1970

Witchcraft Is A Sin, Say The Scriptures from letters to the editor; Farmington Observer, February 25, 1970

blurb about a talk entitled, Witchcraft, Black Magic and the Modern Occult; Detroit Free Press, March 13, 1970;

A brief survey of Ann Arbor occult as told by a witch to a novice by Martin Hirschman; The Michigan Daily, July 25, 1970

Who's afraid of Gundella Green?Centralight, November, 1970


Gundella Discusses Witches by Ann Hofbauer, The BG News, January 27, 1971

University Delves Into Occult World, The BG News, January 27, 1971

Occult Weekend at Cosmopolitan Girl Inc.; Detroit Free Press, February 25, 1971

What Do You Say to a Witch? by Nancy Dingeldey; The Novi News, August 26, 1971

If you want to be "in" by going really far out... by staff writer; Grosse Pointe News, September 16, 1971

letter to the editor on busing; Detroit Free Press, October 9, 1971

Gundella Will Demonstrate Love Spells by staff writer; Farmington Observer, October 20, 1971

Daughter Witch Is Speaker by Loraine McClish?; Farmington Observer, October 24 1971

Friendly Witch Advises: 'Cast Your Own Spells' by Loraine McClish; Farmington Observer, October 30, 1971

Gundella Out-Spelled by Loraine McClish; Farmington Observer, October 30, 1971

Pigs Sing And Registers Ring by John Oppedahl; St. Petersburg Times, December 13, 1971


Witch to entertainThe Northville Record, January 26, 1972

Gundella 2 Years Later: She's A Full Time Witch by Tim Richard; Farmington Observer, March 22, 1972

Gundella Guests In Mercy Series by Tim Richard(?); Farmington Observer, March 22, 1972

Want Love? This Witch's Potion May Help; Akron Beacon Journal, April 9, 1972 

Untitled; Centralight, July 1972

Halloween Witches' Brew: Taste It At Your Own Risk by Judy Sedgeman; Tampa Bay Times, October 31, 1972

Gundella, A Rotund Witch With A Deep, Happy Laugh
by Judy Sedgeman; St. Petersburg Times, November 7, 1972 

Gundella: This Practicing Witch Specializes In Love Spells, But Doesn't Fit The Bony, Cackling Image by Jim Bleyer; Tampa Tribune, November 7, 1972 

Witch Brings Pitch To Students; Sarasota Herald-Times, November 7, 1972

Nationally-Known Witch Outlines Chosen Field by Helen Griffith; Sarasota Herald-Tribune, November 9, 1972


Store Tells How To Beat Cartnapping System by Helen Griffith; Sarasota Herald-Tribune, February 8, 1973

Gundella tells what it's like being a witch; The Evening News, July 9, 1973

You, Too, Can Become A WitchThe News Palladium, July 10, 1973

Kindly Witch And Haunted Houses by Helen Griffith; Sarasota Herald-Tribune, September 24, 1973

Witch Stirs Up A Treat by Tim Richard; Farmington Observer, October 26, 1973

Come to the witch's party by Ellen Allardyce; The Times Herald, October 28, 1973


Gundella: Witchcraft Way Of Life by Pam Duress, The BG News, January 24, 1974

Dimensions of Religious Experience; The Michigan Daily, October 30, 1974


Gundella to debut as writer; Canton Observer, March 6, 1975

She would do 'Samantha' proud; The Windsor Star, March 6, 1975

Which witch is which?Canton Observer, March 20, 1975

Gundella to speak at psychic seminar; Canton Observer, March 24, 1975

Gundella Discussed on the Morning Exchange in 1975Times Reporter, May 22, 1975

Gundella: Meet modern witch with sense of humor; The Times Herald, July 4, 1973

Gundella Conjures Up Some Good Vibes by Tim Richard? (name is illegible); Farmington Observer, October 9, 1975

Gundella's talk gets green light; Canton Observer, October 31, 1985

Midnight Special; Minneapolis Tribune, October 31, 1975

This witch turns you into...yourself  by staff writer; The Windsor Star, December 10, 1975


Occult Dominates Home Decor by Hilda Bruce, The Clarkston News, March 25, 1976

Gundella doesn't find ghosts in graveyard by Tim Richard; Canton Observer, August 12, 1976

Resident witch divines book by Tim Richard; Farmington Observer, August 12, 1976

Plymouth Newcomers Club; Canton Observer, October 4, 1976

Action Line: My friends and I would like to have a seance...; Detroit Free Press, October 20, 1976


Do loonies come out with the full moon by staff writer; Farmington Observer, January 24, 1977


Ghost stays away from a witch hunt by staff writer; The Detroit News, October 1, 1980


For Halloween "flying"; Redford Observer, October 29, 1981

All Hallows Eve not the only witching time; The Windsor Star, October 31, 1981 

Trick or Treat; The Windsor Star, October 31, 1981

Bio-rhythms; Detroit Free Press, November 8, 1981


The Ghost Who Came To Make Dinner by Jennifer Holmes; Detroit Free Press, October 30, 1983

What's That? Ghostly Encounters Unfold by Karen Hermes Smith; Farmington Observer, October 31, 1983

What's That? Ghostly Encounters Unfold; Canton Observer, October 31, 1983


Charlie, a friendly ghost, haunts restaurant by Gundella; Farmington Observer, October 29, 1984


Is witch's talk trick or treat? Church and school dividedCanton Observer, October 3, 1985

Teacher shares view on witchCanton Observer, October 21, 1985

Bewitching Gundella bothers minister by Douglas Ilka; The Detroit News, October 29, 1985

Board explains decision; Canton Observer, October 31, 1985

Gundella's talk gets green light; by Emory Daniels, Canton Observer, October 31, 1985

What a Halloween Haul! Snickers, An Apple, and the New Testament by Dale D. Buss; Wall Street Journal, October 31, 1985

Gundella gives lowdown on witches at Salem; by Doug Funke, Canton Observer, November 4, 1985


Gundella bewitches Town Hall crowd; Canton Observer, October 23, 1986

Mentioned in articles on "Intellectual Freedom Committee Activities" by staff writer; Michigan Librarian Issues 52-53, 1986


December A time for witches, pagans, too; by Tom Henderson; The Canton Observer, December 24, 1987


Thumb track: No word from Minnie Quay as protest confronts seance tour; by Lydia Smigielski Detroit Free Press, June 21, 1988

A bewitching evening with Gundella by staff writer; Grosse Pointe News, October 20, 1988


Upcoming Things To Do: Mystery night by staff writer; Redford Observer, February 15, 1990

Ghost stories of the Thumb; by James Donahue The Times Herald, April 9, 1990

Spirit keeps things lively in Forester; by James Donahue The Times Herald, April 9, 1990

Local witch learns gags can backfire by Tim Richard; Redford Observer, September 10, 1990

Family concert opens season for symphony by Ariene Funke; Redford Observer, September 20, 1990

Livonia Symphony -- rousing by Linda Ann Chomin; Redford Observer, October 11, 1990

Symphony poses 'Scary-Moments' by staff writer; Redford Observer, October 4, 1990


Recovering: Gundella the Witch; Detroit Free Press, April 11, 1991 

A salute to Gundella, and a chance to help; Detroit Free Press, May 9, 1991

Chocolate zucchini cake super for potluck suppers by Keely Wygonik; Redford Observer, October 21, 1991

Gundella shares ghost stories by Larry O'Connor; Farmington Observer, October 31, 1991

A lucky day (not): But Friday the 13th need not be scary by Wayne Peel; Redford Observer, December 12, 1991


Foods that fool: improvising during hard times by Keely Wygonik; Redford Observer, March 30, 1992

Scholar relates ghostly tales we may all believe; Canton Observer, October 12, 1992


Conditions mimic those in 1927 state disaster; Redford Observer, April 1, 1993

Witchy woman finds her vocation by Barbara Wilson; Redford Observer, September 2, 1993


'Good Witch' held seances, told stories, wrote books; Detroit Free Press, July 13, 1993

from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Jul 14, 1993

from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jul 14, 1993


Witch carries on mother's work by Leanne Rogers; Redford Observer, May 8, 1997

Witch's Brouhaha by Lisa Martino; Metro Times


We strive for fair, sensitive headlines; The Detroit News, November 24, 1999